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Of course, you can upgrade the videocard yourself, but beware: with only a 350 watt power supply, the 9390 may not be able to provide enough juice for the more powerful videocards or too many extra hard drives. Fortunately, the power supply can be upgraded too.


If you’re determined to grab a ‘boring’ tower, then the Elite 9390 is worth a second glance. It’s sleek and trim, even if it does rely a little too much on hiding ports behind plastic panels which may not survive too many years of, shall we say, robust attention.

Traditionally, buying a package PC like this from a major manufacturer meant getting a machine with too low a component spec, but as components continue to get cheaper, we’re seeing powerful machines such as the 9390 becoming the norm.

This isn’t a gamer’s machine by any means, but if your family needs a reliable workhorse, the Elite is up to the job.

HP Elite m9390a
Price (RRP): $2,800 Manufacturer: HP
Good component specification; Easy to upgrade; Lots of connectivity
Optical drive can't burn Blu-ray; Lots of plastic flaps to snap off; Wimpy power supply
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.2Overall Score
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