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Various models of the Elite x2 can be found, but our review unit was equipped with an Intel Core m5-6Y57 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB solid-state drive, with a fingerprint reader and 4G LTE.



On the spec side things, it’s pretty clear the HP’s Elite x2 has quite a bit in common with its Spectre x2, and that’s intentional as they’re very similar computers, but one has been made for consumers and the other more for business.

That means the designs are quite close, too, so if you’ve eyed the Spectre x2 because it’s a little like a Surface with a rather neat feature set, you’ll probably like the Elite x2 as they’re quite close.

“Close” isn’t the same, though, because while they share practically identical bodies with aluminium frames sporting 12 inch screen sizes, some things have changed.

The specifications already suggests the ports have changed, and that’s true, with one USB Type C being switched out for a standard USB 3.0 port, handy since not everyone is using the new Type C technology. Even better, HP has included Thunderbolt 3.0 technology on this tablet, which wasn’t there on the Spectre.


HP’s rear stand looks similar too, but again, this is different.

While the original offered a stand that popped out when a switch was released, the Elite x2 is just a simple fold-out stand with no fancy tricks except that it can take a lot of force.

In fact, this rear stand is so durable it can take a good 50 kilograms of force. We’re not sure when you’ll need to test this out — you’re not planning on sitting on the tablet while it’s standing, are you? — but it can also be replaced in case you test it too aggressively.


And this idea of replacing parts like the stand stretches all over the design, with HP saying that it will be able to replace elements with serviceability high on the list of features for the professional grade Elite x2, something its Spectre x2 sibling couldn’t quite do.

So that all stems from the design, which is great, but is it a nice design?


We think so, and if you like the look of the Surface computers, HP’s Elite x2 1012 G1 basically evolves from that style, with a black frame around a display and a metal casing. There’s nothing terribly complicated about the look, and as tablets have become computers hidden behind the screen, HP’s Elite x2 essentially follows that design schematic.