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There are many things HP has managed to get right with the Elite x2, and they’re all respectable: it comes from a solid base of the Spectre x2, which we liked tremendously, and it has improved on that design with more durability in the hinge, a more usable array of ports even if only one has changed, and all of that serviceability.

It’s clear: the HP Elite x2 is a tablet laptop hybrid made for business, and made for businesses that demand long term computers, not just ones that will work for the next few months.


But while the hardware is mostly great, HP’s software can get in the way of this experience, especially since this business-centric model can almost be too finicky, and a little fussier than you might expect.

Is is the better half of an already excellent Spectre laptop?

Absolutely, and people keen on owning a computer with flexibility in customisation and an ability to replace a component if it does break will applaud it, but we’d just like to see some of that excessive business software pulled back if desired, because not everyone has an IT department waiting in the wings.


Review: HP Elite x2 1012 G1
Price (RRP): $1699 (starting price); Manufacturer: HP
Beautifully built; Fantastically solid hinge; Fabric keyboard comes in the box, as does a battery-operated pen stylus; Keyboard is magnetically connected, meaning ideal for flights; Fingerprint sensor can be included on the back can be used for Windows Hello login; Option for 4G LTE; Charges through USB Type C;
Very limited port selection; Scratches easily, even though it has a better casing than the just-as-easily-scratched Microsoft Surface range of computers; HP software really gets in the way of updates;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.2Overall Score
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