The first impression

This is an Envy? They used to look like any other aluminium notebook!

It is pretty. I love the dark silver ash colour. It is not so much of a premium product, but it stacks up well beside the more upmarket Spectre.

HP Envy x360 13-inch

My aim is to see if the AMD Ryzen/Vega graphics are as good as others say it is.


The Envy uses a new injection moulded and pressed metal process versus the milled alloy unibody of the Spectre and EliteBook series. While the process is lower cost, the result is great. A textured, anodised finish and minimal side-to-side flexing. The detail in the honeycomb speaker grill and on the back is excellent.

HP Envy x360 13-inch

The base can be removed using a T5 hex driver. It allows the upgrade of SSD – nothing else.

I love the x360 hinge. It is not as solid as the Spectre leaving the screen a little vulnerable to shake.


Underneath everything is a standard Realtek High definition audio codec. B&O then tune the four speakers (two under the honeycomb grill and two under the base). We are amateur audiophiles, so we measure maximum volume and frequency response.

HP Envy x360 13-inch AMD

  • Bass<100Hz – none
  • Midbass 100Hz -400Hz – almost none
  • Mids 400Hz-2kHz – good
  • Highs 2-16kHz – declining dropping off a cliff at 10Khz
  • Maximum volume <80dB

This is a bright vocal signature that is best for voice. The B&O EQ has a full EQ and presets for movie, voice or music. These make minimal adjustments.

It is Dolby Atmos capable if you want to buy the software update from Windows store for $22.45. While I object to what amounts to paying for a driver I am assured it is to cover licensing fees. Dolby Atmos only works with wired and Bluetooth headphones. It will output a 5.1.2 signal to an amplifier/soundbar via the 3.5mm wired and BT.

Bottom line – great through Bluetooth and wired headsets but the speakers lack any perceptible bass for movie use.


HP claims the 53.2Wh battery is good for 11 hours. We ran a 1080p video loop at it lasted just over seven hours. General office productivity and web surfing should extend that to 9-10 hours.

The 45W ‘pin’ adaptor will fast charge to 50% in 45 minutes and a full charge in 1.5 hours. It can also charge using a 45W USB-C Belkin charger. The separate power is a good idea if you don’t want to invest in a USB-C power pack.