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HP Spectre x360 (review)
4.4Overall Score

Price (RRP): $from 2198
Manufacturer: HP

The HP Spectre x360 2018 is part of its premium range – prosumers love it. It sits above the Envy and Pavilion and just below the enterprise Elitebook and ZBook ranges.

What is an HP Spectre x360 2018?

HP Spectre x360 has inherited many of the Elitebook x360 features – that is great.

The technology that flows down from its Elitebook sibling includes fast battery charge, a robust x360 hinge and chassis, and B&O speakers. I suspect the only thing it does not have is MIL-SPEC durability. You can even upgrade to 3-year Care Pack warranty.

It is a 13.3”, (FHD, Sure View FHD or 4K) touchscreen, ultrathin, ultralight, x360° hinge, Intel 8th generation Core, Thunderbolt 3 enabled laptop.

HP is well known for a plethora of models so don’t be surprised to see slightly different ones (model numbers 13-ae000 through 13-ae099) exclusive to certain retailers.

HP lists only two new Spectre x360 8th generation models with Thunderbolt 3 on its website – imaginatively named

  • 13-ae045tu – i5-8250U, 8/360GB, 13.3” FHD touch at $2,499
  • 13-ae055tu – i7-8550U, 16/512GB, 13.3” FHD touch at $3,099

HP is offering a $150 prepaid VISA card bonus for online orders.

Spectre 360

But there are so many HP Spectre x360 models

A quick web search shows many 13.3″ touch screen ‘13-aeXXX’ models at JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, selected retailers and online

  • 13-ae009tu – i5-8250U, 8/360GB, FHD at $2,198
  • 13-ae021tu – i5-8250U, 8/360GB, FHD at $2,399 (Harvey Norman only)
  • 13-ae024tu -i7-8550U, 16/512GB, FHD at $2,997 (Harvey Norman only)
  • 13-ae023tu – i7-8550U, 16GB/1TB, 4K at $3,699 (Harvey Norman only)
  • 13-af090T – i5-8250U, 8/360GB, FHD, Ceramic White at $2,499 (Harvey Norman only)
  • 13-af010T – i7-8550U, 8/512GB, FHD, Ceramic White at $2,999 (Harvey Norman only)
  • 13-ae010tu – i7-8550U, 16/512GB, FHD at $2,698
  • 13-ae054tu – i7-8550U, 16/360GB, FHD at $2,197
  • 13-ae509tu – i7-8550U, 16/512GB, 4K at $2,450.74 (I suspect this is a parallel import but an amazing price)

There are so many variations on the base model that it pays to shop around. You can often drive a bargain on retail models – look for discounts of around 5-10%, if not more.

Unless you are Hardly Normal and want the Ceramic White, then you have no choice. The Ceramic White is a slightly different design with similar specifications.

Who is it for?

Spectre is HP’s aspirational brand aimed at those prepared to pay a little more for something that looks good and works equally well.

Having used this for a week, the main issue was keeping my wife’s hands off it. She has an earlier model Spectre x360 in Dark Ash (mocha) and Copper Lux highlights (rose gold). The Natural Silver is more male-oriented.

However when she saw that the new one did not have an HDMI or copious USB-A expansion ports she cooled a little. Thunderbolt 3 expansion options are later in the review.

Other products in the HP Spectre range

Spectre is a range comprising x360, a traditional laptop, and an x2 detachable tablet (Surface-like).