GadgetGuy’s take – HPM Electresafe Power Centre could be a lifesaver

I admit to a fondness for my big Kärcher pressure cleaner. Get me going, and it is not unusual for me to wash everything in sight – cars, walls, paths – for hours-on-end. Water and electricity do not mix.

RCBs should not wear out (30-40 years life) and I thought that the RCB on the home power circuit was a good backup. But I suspect RCBOs have different tolerances/speeds and the HPM being closer to the end electrical device offers better and faster protection. It is more convenient than having to run inside to reset a tripped unit.

So, it’s a great device to have in your garage for DIY electrical and garden tools. My neighbour saw it and is off to get some for his boat/jetty/motorhome. It exceeds all rules for use by master electricians and tradies on-site. Couple this with an HPM extra heavy-duty tradesman lead or an HPM Plug Boss heavy duty garden lead, and it is all go!

Love the power switch!

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HPM Electresafe Power Centre with two USB outlet (REPC410USB)
Name: HPM Electresafe Power Centre with two USB outlet (REPC410USB) Price (RRP): $138 Manufacturer: HPM
Well made lifesaver2 USB ports add flexibility to charge a smartphone or power a speaker
Value for money
Ease of Use
5.0Overall Score
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