That said, if you’re looking for a handset that is small, well-designed, and packs performance, this is one phone you’ll want to check out.

Small, speedy, and strong: HTC's One Mini reviewed
Price (RRP): $480 outright; Available from Telstra and Vodafone on plans; Manufacturer: HTC
Excellent build; Aluminium chassis; Great 4G speeds; Ultrapixel camera may not pack many megapixels, but it sure brings decent low light;
No NFC; No microSD slot; Infrared section missing in action, meaning you can't use this handset as a remote control; Like the HTC One, Blinkfeed lacks the ability to add your own feeds and news sites, forcing you to use its suggestions and nothing else; Power button up top can still take some getting used to;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.3Overall Score
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