It does not have HDR or make any other claims – it is just a great screen, even better than the Microsoft Surface screen.

Thunderbolt 3

It is 20Gbps (2,500MBps), not 40Gbps. The reason is that it borrows 2 of the CPU’s 12xPCIe lanes to accommodate the 4 lanes for the NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

Half-speed Thunderbolt 3 has no real effect on day-to-day activities and all makers with a second GPU do the same.

We tested this on a Kensington SD5200DT Thunderbolt 3 dock (our pick for Windows 10 docks) and it supports an external [email protected] monitor from the DisplayPort and another [email protected] from the Thunderbolt 3 port.

The other port is a USB-C Gen 1 (5Gbps) and it works flawlessly with USB-C docks. There is also a full-sized USB-A – it is worth its weight in gold to have that.

MateBook X Pro


The Intel i5-8250U is a four-core, 8-thread CPU from 1.6GHz to 3.4GHz. It has a 10-25W TDP with 12x PCIe lanes which explains the need to borrow two for the NVIDIA GPU.

The official PassMark is 7678 (note our PassMark Test is 8633). That is above an AMD Ryzen7 2700U and well above Ryzen5 2500U (its direct competitor).

The i7-8550U 1.8/4GHz option does not offer a lot more power. Its PassMark is 8316.

CPU temperature starts around 45° and after 100% load reaches 60°. It has a fan that can spin up to 8,000 RPM and a small exhaust slit at the rear. Fan noise never exceeded 40dB. There is extensive copper pipe cooling to draw the heat to the fan. The top of the keyboard area reached about 44° – all good.

Intel UHD Graphics 620 and NVIDIA GeForce MX-150

The device defaults to the Intel Graphics for most programs until it encounters one that can use the NVIDIA GPU. You can force it to use NVIDIA all the time at the expense of battery life. The Intel has about 30% of the NVIDIAs 384 CUDA core speed.

It uses the 1D12 version of the NVIDIA GeForce MX-150 for 10W TPD meaning that the 3D Mark is around 3,500 where the normal high-power version is around 4700. Again ASUS, Lenovo et al use the 1D12 version for battery management. It is not a gamer’s GPU although has respectable 3D speeds.

MateBook X Pro

I am of two minds if an ultralight needs the NVIDIA – 99% of its use will be on the Intel 620 and maybe Huawei should offer that at an even lower price.


It uses a Liteon 256GB CA3, PCIe NVMe, 3.0 x 4 lane SSD. It achieves a very respectable 2986/1086MBps sequential; read/write speed and its also good for random file read/writes.

MateBook X Pro

I do have a gripe here. On the 256GB model, there is really only 142GB free on D: The system C: drive is 80GB and mostly unused. If it were mine, I would remove all the partitions and make it one large C: drive.

The bottom panel is removable to upgrade the RAM and SSD.