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Battery life could be a little better, too, as the P8 offers only a full 24 hours with wired headphones, telling us if you relied on Bluetooth, you’d very likely need to recharge it the moment you got home.

Fortunately, this handset — like pretty much every other Android out there — charges from the universal standard that is microUSB — but Huawei doesn’t rest on its laurels and tries something a little bit different to help you get the most out of this phone’s rather limited battery, and that’s with a suggestion of apps to close.

This one is interesting, and not so dissimilar from what AVG does with an app you can install to tell you which apps are killing your battery, offering suggestions for apps that stay running and showing how much life they’re draining from your phone. Touch the notification in your drop down bar and this will take you to a screen showing this, and also offering to switch the app off to save your battery life.


On the one hand, this is an intelligent little solution, but on the other, apps should be able to run in the background, and a notification telling you that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are taking up valuable life is like saying “please don’t use that smartphone for anything internet related unless you’re near a recharge point”.

We get it, and it’s a neat inclusion, though it’s one that feels a little out of touch, especially since the reason we have such large screen phones is for viewing the web and social media on the go in a large capacity.

Storage on the device is also a little low, with 16GB available here, though you do have the option of installing a microSD.

We’d have appreciated a little more storage inside — 32GB would have been nice — as well as possibly some stronger connectivity options, because while 802.11a/b/g/n is nice, most flagships arrive with 802.11ac and have for a good two years now.


Fortunately, 4G LTE is super fast on this handset, and tested in Sydney, we found speeds as high as 81Mbps were quite easy from the P8. Depending on where you are, you might even get faster.

Camera is the last area worth mentioning, and like the Oppo, it’s a little hit and miss.

Image sample from the Huawei P8

Image sample from the Huawei P8

For the most part, owners of the P8 will be happy with what’s on offer, and it’s really quite hard to complain about a combination of 13 and 8 megapixel cameras.

In fact, provided you don’t get up close and personal with the images, you’ll find decent colours and fine exposures, it’s just there is pretty much little to no clarity up close.