As I’m typing, the indicated battery level is down to 58%, and that’s after 72 hours of use. That would suggest a run time of 7.14 days.

But that was 72 hours of hard use. It included the three firmware upgrades and a lot of detailed exploration by me. Which meant a lot of screen time. One function I didn’t mentioned earlier was a “Show Time” function. Huh? Isn’t that the whole point of a watch? Actually, this function keeps the display switched on for five minutes. That can be useful if you’re timing something, taking photos of the screen or something. I used that a few times as well.

Use the GPS function less and you’re going to use less power. Don’t keep the screen on for ages fiddling with things, and you’re going to use a lot less power. Normally, when you raise your wrist to check the screen, it only stays lit for around five seconds.

I’d say 14 days of normal use is a very reasonable expectation.


The Huawei Watch GT is very handsome. It works well. It gathers stats with sufficient detail to warm the heart of any data nerd. Its GPS tracks movement well. You can swim with it. You can sleep with it.

And in terms of value for money, it’s a real bargain since you get it for free with a phone you were going to buy anyway. You can read more about the bonus offer here. And about the watch itself at Huawei here.

Huawei Watch GT smartwatch
Name: Watch GT Price (RRP): $Free bonus with Huawei Mate 20 Pro (valued at $399) Manufacturer: Huawei
Free! (If you happen to be buying a Huawei Mate 20 Pro) Stylish Good feature mixLong battery life
No Wi-Fi No music playing
Ease of use
4.7Overall Score