Review: Incipio ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $199
Manufacturer: ClamCase / Incipio

The iPad Air 2 is already a great tablet, but what if you want to join that “post-PC” world and ditch the laptop altogether? Incipio’s ClamCase Pro could be the ideal addition, bridging the gap with one of the best keyboard cases we’ve ever seen.

Features and performance

Apple may have hinted at a “post-PC” world in several speeches, but this area is harder to get to than most people would like.

While tablets are improving in leaps and bounds, changing from just being mere internet use and content consumption devices to gadgets that could theoretically replace most of what you use a fully-fledged computer for, sometimes a tablet needs a bit of help to see it make that jump from “mere tablet” to “post-PC”.

One of these gadgets is the keyboard case, something that isn’t new, and has for the years it has been around found its place due to the need for typing on a display that could touches from an on-screen keyboard, but was never quite as good as the actual typing experience.

And we’ve seen keyboards from lots of manufacturers, including the expected players like Belkin and Logitech, and even one made by Apple for its iPad Pro, but now it’s time to check out something from Incipio, which the accessory and bag maker bought from ClamCase, a keyboard case specialist.


The product in question is the ClamCase Pro, and as you can probably expect, it’s a keyboard case designed like so many to turn your iPad Air into a computer replacement.

Materials in this case are a cross between ho-hum and high-grade, with the middle section surrounding the keyboard made from a very Apple-inspired aluminium, while the rest of the body is polycarbonate, which you can just interpret as nice plastic.

We’ll get to the keyboard in a moment, but what needs to be acknowledged before we touch on that area (excuse the pun) is the hinge.


You see in the ClamCase Pro, Incipio and the company that built the ClamCase Pro to begin with — ClamCase — have come together for something that is a little more useful than just a keyboard case, with a hinge the likes of which will remind you of a hybrid tablet.

Now there are plenty of these around the place, with companies including Asus, HP, and so many others touting 360 degree hinges that let a laptop become a tablet simply by shifting the touchscreen all the way around to the back of the notebook, pressing the back of that screen up against the back of the laptop.

That seems to be the new way companies make tablets, and is the more likely situation any computer with the number “360” in its name is going to provide.

But the iPad Air 2 is already a tablet, and so in the case of the ClamCase Pro (again, excuse the pun), this is about allowing the tablet to function as a tablet if need be without forcing you to take the iPad out of its casing.