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InvisiQi solves a charging problem you did not know you had
4.2Overall Score
Name: InvisiQi 10W Qi long-distance charger
Price (RRP): $240
Manufacturer: WTX

InvisiQi is a new type of ‘long-distance’ Qi charger that can transmit a Qi wireless charge between 15-30mm away from the charge plate. In other words, it passes through most desktops or benches to provide Qi charging.

And the problem you did not know you had is that charge pads are quite ugly lying around on bedside tables, desks coffee tables and more. InvisiQi is the easy way to have Qi without the visible inconvenient pad or cable.

We set out to see if this Aussie invention from Melbourne is as good as it sounds.

Australian review: InvisiQi

  • Australian website here
  • Price: $240 inc freight in Australia
  • Elevator Pitch: Qi without the messy pad or cables
  • Warranty: 12-months ACL compliant
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Company: WTX – Aussie company What’s Trending Accessories ABN 83 629 981 specialises in trending smart device accessories from around the world. It supplies mainly to Telstra stores or sells online.

Note: we use FAIL, PASS or EXCEED against a suite of test paradigms. PASS means it meets our expectations for that test.

First impression – InvisiQi is no ordinary Qi charger!

The InvisiQi (pronounced Invisi-chee meaning Invariable Energy) comprises a 125mm circular pad, a 24V/1A (24W) wall charger with a 3m cable and a circular pin plug.

InvisiQi pad

The pad is mounted flush under a desk/table/sideboard. The phone sits on top from 15mm to 30mm away and charges through that surface.

It will work through most ‘organic’ materials like stone, timber, marble, plastic, or glass. It will not work through ferrous metal or some laminated glass that uses thin layers of aluminium silicate material to make it stronger.

To assist with positioning, it comes with a top and bottom template, magnets for alignment, mounting hardware, and you can access an installation video.

Tech specs

It is a 10W Qi charge pad that supplies 5V/1A, 7.5V/1A and 9V/1.1A for Apple iPhone (7.5W) or any other 5-10W Qi-enabled phones.

Qi intelligently communicates with the phone, earbuds or any Qi device to deliver exactly the power it needs. If you are using it with Apple, you can expect about the same charge time as if you used a 5W wall charger. If you are using it with a 15W device like a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, then it is about 30% slower than Samsung’s 15W Qi fast charger.

But the trick is that most Qi chargers only transmit power about 3mm from the pad, which is not enough, especially if you use a thick case. This has a range of 15-30mm although the Qi efficiency drops off as you move to the limit.

Options – PASS

4-meter power cable extension including mounting clips $59

4 charge pad multi-cable to power multiple charge points (for commercial installations) $120


Tests – InvisiQi 10W Qi charger

Safety: PASS

Foreign object detection (FOD), over-voltage protection (OVP), and over-temperature protection (OTP).

Thickness: PASS

We tested on 15mm glass, 15mm laminated particleboard IKEA bookshelves and 20mm Caesarstone. All worked well. A piece of 30mm hardwood did stop it when using a case. It was also unable to fast charge at this distance. All tests were on the 20mm Caesarstone countertop.