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It is no Myth – STM Myth bags are better
4.9Overall Score
Name: STM Myth range
Price (RRP): $29.95-159.95
Manufacturer: STM

The STM Myth collection is no myth – its here and is one of the Aussie ‘bag’ makers hottest Christmas collections.

STM Myth (website here) joins its current collections including Stories, Streets, Velocity, Grace, Dux and Atlas in catering for just about every protective IT based bags cover and case you will ever need.

GadgetGuy is no stranger to STM – we reviewed the Grace range earlier this year. These are women’s business bags offering a balance between simplicity and style. In short, they look professional yet are eminently practical. And it’s nice to note that a few GadgetGirls now use these every day.

STM Myth

In my case, I use an STM Conroy 33-litre Backpack and an STM Conroy Flight small laptop shoulder bag circa 2013. The Conroy range is out of production, but I still use these every day in my work commute. There are no signs of deterioration despite nearly five years of hard use – may there be many more (as STM no longer make a 33-litre backpack).

STM Myth

So how do you review a bag?

First, we must use it for at least a week to get to know its strengths and weaknesses. Its only through use that you can see if it is a convenient design. Importantly does it impress us enough to want to buy it?

Second, is appearance. Not to be Shallow Hal but it must look good too. Preferably a little different, edgy or quirky. I have lost count of how many times I have been asked on my train commute what brand and where I got the backpack.

Third, is comfort. Are the straps well padded? Can you use it for extended periods without soreness or discomfort?

Fourth, is build quality. Is it well made? Are zippers the right strength for its intended use? Are stitches heavy enough?

Fifth, is functionality. Does it do what it should easily, logically and well?

With those paradigms in mind here is the review.

Review: STM Myth collection

Website here

STM’s attention to design and detail is just as good as when I first encountered them over five years ago. Materials may have changed (if anything more modern materials are stronger), but the STM hallmarks are still there.

The range includes (most are in Granite/black, Slate/Blue or Windsor/Wine colours). All the bags will fit up to 15” Ultrabook-style laptops.

  • 28L backpack $159.95
  • 15L backpack $139.95
  • Laptop brief $89.95
  • Laptop sleeve $69.95
  • Must stash accessory storage $29.95
  • Dapper Wrapper storage accessory $39.95

STM Myth 28L backpack

Having been used to the 33L, I wondered what losing 5L would be like. The answer is that it is mainly in the width of the bag, not so much the height or depth.

To put it in perspective 28L is the equivalent of 28 x 1L UHT milk cartons. Guess what – we can fit about 24 of these in the three main compartments – 86% efficiency! There is still room for small things in outer compartments too.