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Jabra Evolve 65t true wireless earphones
4.0Overall Score
Name: Evolve 65t
Price (RRP): $605
Manufacturer: Jabra

As I sat down to start writing this review, I gathered the necessary information. And as I did so, I took a double take. The price of the Jabra Evolve 65t wireless headphones was not at all what I expected.

Jabra Evolve 65t Features

In many ways the Jabra Evolve 65t earphones are very similar to the Jabra Elite 65t earphones. We reviewed them a little over twelve months ago. The one most obvious difference, though, is the aforementioned price. The Jabra Elite 65t earphones were priced at $299, which is about the norm for this kind of device.

The Jabra Evolve 65t earphones are priced at an eyewatering $605! The differences? Jabra has a FAQ for the earphones which answers the question. “The Evolve 65t has”, it says, “improved microphone performance for professional calls. It is SfB and UC-certified and comes with a Bluetooth adapter (Jabra Link 370) to connect to your laptop or PC. There are also minor visual changes.”

Evolve 65t

UC-certified means “Unified Communications”. It seems to have something to do with plug and play and controls conforming to certain standards. All this is giving us a hint about something.

The Elite 65t earphones were for entertaining active people. The Jabra Evolve 65t buds are for business people who spend a lot of time on the phone. Or on phone-like channels.

Of course, they will pair with your phone in the usual manner. But they come with that Jabra Link 370 USB dongle. That’s a tiny little thing and it is supposedly pre-paired with the earphones. Jabra says that you can “connect your headset to your PC with the Bluetooth adapter, and to a mobile phone at the same time.”

Compact buds

The Jabra Evolve 65t buds have a minimalist design. There are three sizes of silicon tips to best fit them to your ears. A small protrusion houses the four microphones. These employ noise-cancellation to provide for clearer gathering of the wearer’s utterances. They do not come with wings or fins to help lock them into one’s ears. The shape of the body might help them lock in for some people.

For me, it relied pretty much on the seal provided by the silicon tips. The earphones proved robust, since they continued to work perfectly well, even though they each must have fallen out half a dozen times, sometimes bouncing off the floor in the process. That sounds bad, I guess, but I’d add that would have been in perhaps forty hours of wear over several weeks. Nonetheless, ear-retention security was lower than average.

Evolve 65t

The earbuds are rated at up to five hours of operation per charge, which is certainly higher than usual. The hard charge case and carrier can recharge them twice, so you can be away from power for up to 15 hours. The case uses a Micro-B USB socket for charging. There are LEDs to show you the status of the charge of the case and the buds. It takes about two hours to charge from empty.

The left bud weighs 5.9 grams, the right one 6.7 grams. The case – empty – is 41.2 grams. It measures 60.2mm wide, 47.2mm tall and 29.5mm thick.


The right bud is the one that connects to the source device. The left bud connects wirelessly to the right bud. A single button on the right bud is for power, answering and hanging up calls, invoking Google Assistant or Siri, or for allowing the “HearThrough” function. That last one simply passes outside sounds through, via the microphones, so you can hear what’s going on around you.

Evolve 65t

The left bud has a kind of rocker. Press one way and the volume goes up, the other and it goes down. Hold it one way and the track skips forwards. You know the rest. Also, if there’s presently nothing playing, you can press it briefly either way to get a battery status reading, delivered vocally.

I know those things because I downloaded the manual. The tiny quick start guide provided in the box is really quite skimpy.

You can also control the phone using the Jabra Sound+ app on your smart phone. This can update the firmware and also includes a useful EQ function.

Which brings us to the …