Review: Jabra Revo Wireless headphones
3.9Overall Score

Price (RRP): $299
Manufacturer: Jabra

There’s nothing quite like having wireless freedom for a nice pair of headphones, and Bluetooth accessory maker Jabra thinks it has found the solution, with its wireless Revo headphones.


Jabra has been making wireless devices for some time, but the Revo is the first pair of headphones from the company we’ve sat up and taken good and proper notice of.

A winner of the Red Dot Design Award for this year (2013), the headphones combine some of the better wireless technology found in devices today with some keen design that makes it look subdued and yet colourful.

First, there’s the tech, and with Near-Field Communication on-board here working with Bluetooth, newer smartphones and tablets supporting the short-range wireless technology should be able to bump against each other and pair without any problems. Regular Bluetooth access means everyone with a device made in the past few years can connect, it just won’t be as quick and easy as devices with NFC.

If you don’t want wireless, there’s always a 3.5mm jack and cable to plug in, tethering the headphones to a device, but allowing music to go through the cable and stopping any need to consume batteries.

Since it’s a pair of wireless headphones, you’ll find a set of controls allowing you to change volume and tracks directly on the earpieces, and for this, Jabra has decided on a click button on each ear, with some touch panel technology thrown in for good measure, making it possible to change tracks, volume, and pick up phone calls.

For the designers amongst you, the Revo comes with the added bonus of coming with the Pantone colour of the year for 2012, Tangerine Tango or Pantone 17-1463.

That’s a specific type of orange that has been thrown into the Revo design, and is the main colour of USB cable, 3.5mm headphone cable, and the inside earpads, regardless of what colour Revo wireless headphones you select, white or black.

The earpieces use memory foam to help make those ears comfy, while the band is constructed in such a way that it can be bent and twisted to within a centimetre of snapping without fear of breaking, making it suitable for any sized head.

Each headphone is marked clearly with “left” and “right,” and the 3.5mm jack located at the bottom of the former, while the power switch and microUSB charge port is located at the bottom of the latter.

The Revo wireless headphones can be folded for portable storage.


Designed for the street aware individual, we have to admit, we like the look of these headphones.