Some did play with memory options for larger cups, etc., and these worked well.


We have mentioned the spent grounds. Apart from that, there is little to do each day (it depends on use). Refill the water tank if unused for a few days. The milk container and line cleaned; the drip tray emptied’ and the spout cleaned. And there is an automatic rinsing system as well.

It does prompt you to rinse and clean milk after each use, and that can take several minutes – ignore it for a typical days use.

On a grander level, there is the need to look at water hardness, whether you want to use a water filter, an occasional descale, and the Jura ENA 8 tells you when you need this. It is all straightforward.

As you can also use powdered coffee (via a bypass), you need to wipe down the outside to remove any spillage. We did not try hot chocolate as the milk frother is not suitable.


It looks modern, sleek and premium. At 27.1 ´ 32.3 ´ 44.5 cm and 9.4kg, it is not too big to have in the kitchen. You only need to leave a little more room on the right side to change the water jug and some on the left for ventilation.

Jura ENA 8

2.8-inch TFT screen

It is adequate for the task. User interface and imagery are clean (if not sometimes a little small and hard to decipher). Mostly the machine is intuitive to use with controls and prompts.

There is also an option to install the Jura BT dongle and hook up to JOE – its Coffee control app (not tested).

Jura ENA 8


It is a perfect home coffee machine for those that simply want a good black coffee. It also met the needs of several staff so it would work in a small home office.


You can buy good coffee from $40-50 per kg. At 6-10g per cup that should make 100-160 single strength black coffees or 40-50 cents a cup.

If your local barrister charges $3 for a short or long black, you can repay the capital cost in 700-800 coffees. Of course, the economics changes with milk coffee, if you use a water filter, descale, cleaning tablets etc.


At David Jones, Betta Home Living and Bing Lee, among other stores. 2-year warranty. Jura recommends annual servicing at extra cost. We think that for a home machine that is a little overkill.

The standard models retail for $1,899, while the signature model with Bluetooth capability is $2,699. You may find it online at about 20% less.

GadgetGuy’s take – Jura ENA 8 is an excellent black coffee drinkers machine

You are going to read some glowing reviews that are the result of a single person’s limited experience. Frankly, don’t believe it is the best thing since sliced bread!

Our review had several testers, each with their own experiences and perspectives. Objectively all rated it as 7-out-of-10 (3.5-out-of-5) and that is fair in comparison to the more fully-featured Jura S8 (4.4-out-of-5) we reviewed last year