Sorry Jura – you have spoiled us with more expensive machines that can do it all. So, we were a little surprised at the narrower focus of the Jura ENA 8. And the frother milk system (HP1) versus the frother/milk (HP3) limits what you can make.

It is a big step up from a capsule machine, but we recommend you spend more on a full-automatic machine.

Jura ENA 8 – great coffee at home
Name: Jura ENA 8 Price (RRP): $1899 Manufacturer: Jura
Any machine with a built-in grinder beats those without!Makes better coffee than Maccas and more cost-effectiveConsistent resultsGood build qualityFast to heat and make a coffeeNot hard to clean but you must do soFind a good bean, and you will love it – sorry local barista
It is an entry-level machine that makes you appreciate spending moreWhite coffee drinkers should look at the E8 insteadSingle-cup
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.5Overall Score
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