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The 3.5mm combo audio port offers 16-bit/48,000Hz DVD quality analogue sound.


It also can be VESA mounted to the read of a monitor.

Who is it for?

Its best use is to drive two 1080p monitors as well as the USB-C equipped Windows laptop screen. Or in 4-lane mode a couple of ultra-wide 2160 x 1600 21:9 monitors.

It has stacks of power too and sleep charging ports.

GadgetGuy’s take

We review so many docks that these days it is more a matter of do they work as promised. Kensington always do!

Windows 10 USB-C laptop, add dock, monitors, and that is it. Simple. It is not for Mac so if you read any so-called reviews for Mac ignore them – fake.

GadgetGuy has covered other Kensington docks here


This is new, and Kensington has no Australian pricing. US pricing is $219.99 so expect about $350-400 here.

Kensington SD4800P USB-C dock for three monitors
Name: Kensignton SD4800P USB-C three monitor dock Price (RRP): $Arounhd 400 Manufacturer: Kensington
Best for two monitors and a laptop displayPlenty of power with 130W adapter and 60W upstream PD 3.0Lot of USB-A ports4-lane video boost switch if you need it
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.5Overall Score
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