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Kensington SD7000 for Surface Pro  dual

But we need to discuss dual monitors.

I have been using dual monitors ever since I could get a PC video card that supported them. Over the years 17-inch has given way to 24, 27 and even 32-inch. But I really think its time to look at some of the curved Ultra-Wide 21:9 ratio, UWQHD screens that only need one video port and less desk space.

My favourite is the 38-inch HP z38c  that really gives the same screen real estate as 2 x 24-inch monitors. LG has a 38-inch  38WK95C  that is superb. Acer has the 38-inch XR382CQK with Adaptive Sync. Alternatively, if you want ludicrous Samsung’s 49-inch Quantum Dot LC49HG90 is amazing.

Just saying is all – one monitor is probably better than two.


We tested with a variety of external USB SATA 6 SSD and achieved the maximum possible data transfer rates of over 400Mbps sequential read/write. That said the USB-A 3.0 ports also performed equally well. remember the total bandwidth from the Surface Pro Ribbon is 5Gbps and that has to be shared via all ports.

DockWorks for enterprise

More for sysadmins, DockWorks disables Wi-Fi when an Ethernet cable connects to the dock and allows for Mac Address ID Passthrough for added lock-down network security. It is available for Windows and Mac and works with most Kensington docks.

GadgetGuy’s take – Kensington SD7000 for Surface Pro gives me everything I need

It is perfect for Surface owners turning it into a mini-Studio. However, I use it to elevate the Surface Pro to eye level – far better in a dual monitor setup.

Kensington SD7000 for Surface Pro tilt

It extracts maximum performance from the Surface Ribbon, so there is no point lamenting (as other lesser reviewers have) about ALT DP, Thunderbolt 3 and more – that is dependent future generations of Surface hardware.

And yes, it’s expensive – but if you need a dock this is the one!

If you can’t afford that, then look on GumTree for a second-hand Microsoft Surface Dock that you will pick up for about half its original price. Make sure you update the firmware or you will have lots of issues.

Kensington SD7000 for Surface Pro – the ultimate dock
Name: Kensington SD7000 Surface Pro Price (RRP): $from about $500 if you shop around Manufacturer: Kensington
Very well made and designedEasy, quick insertion and releaseAllows full access to existing Surface PortsUSB-C 3.0 gen 1 and dual [email protected] monitor supportAdjustable tilt and height from vertical to ‘Studio’ mode
No USB ports on the frontWould have been nice to supply HDMI and DisplayPort cables
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.5Overall Score
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