Laser Alarm Clock V2 with Qi Wireless Charging, BT (review)
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The Laser Alarm Clock V2 with Qi Wireless Charging and Bluetooth is the latest iteration of its extremely popular bedside table clock.

Laser has sold tens of thousands of Version 1. It is still very popular and some prefer its more compact ‘brick’ shape below. Version 2 is more of a rectangle shape.

 Laser Alarm Clock V2

Version 1 is more brick shaped

GadgetGuy reviewed V1 last year saying, “I do like the inventiveness that we see time and time again in consumer tech. And here’s another example, a LASER digital alarm clock with Bluetooth and a built-in Qi charging pad.”

It is a smart idea, you realise, once someone has thought of it and produced the product. Most of us have a bedside clock radio. And most of us charge up our phones overnight.

Review: Laser Alarm Clock V2 with Qi Wireless Charging and Bluetooth Speaker Model SPK-QC002

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In the box

  • The alarm clock – 165 x 165 x 80mm
  • Charger 5V/2/5A with centre pin connector
  • Instructions

 Laser Alarm Clock V2

The first impression is a black, more streamlined, modern look with a large, readable, while auto-dimmable backlit LCD.

The charging pad and NFC connector sit saucer-like in the top middle. Large rotary buttons on the front top right and left complete the symmetry.

Functions – Laser Alarm Clock V2

Clock: It is first a dual alarm clock with oversized 30mm soft white auto dimming backlit LCD numbers. It has a power-fail feature to keep the time for several hours if there is a blackout.

Temperature: The readout can be Fahrenheit or Celsius. It is accurate and appears to have gotten over V1 displaying slightly higher temperatures when charging. That latter is fine if you remember to subtract a couple of degrees when charging.

Alarm 1 and 2: Two alarms are handy. It has three songs and three alarm sounds built in as well as the ability to wake to FM radio. Volume is sufficient to wake the heaviest sleeper, and there is a nine-minute snooze function.

FM Radio: It auto-tunes and allocates the stations to sequential numbers. A rotary dial allows you to scroll through them displaying the frequency.

Aux: A 3.5mm jack allows an Auxiliary music source to play via the speakers