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Coffee to go: Lavazza's EspressGo reviewed
4.0Overall Score

Price (RRP): $199
Manufacturer: Lavazza / Handpresso

Coffee pod machines generally sit at home or work, but what if you could take them with you in a car? That is precisely what Lavazza is crafting with the EspressGo, the world’s first encapsulated coffee system designed to work inside your automobile.

What is it?

Lavazza’s EspressGo is a unique machine, comprising of a small coffee maker inside a thermos made of rubber and plastic.

The machine has a 16 bar pump inside, and supports pods from the Lavazza A Modo Mio system, which can be found in supermarkets across the country.

Lavazza’s EspressGo is powered by a 12 volt cigarette lighter, but cannot be powered by any other means.

The water reservoir inside the machine takes roughly 50ml, which is enough for an espresso, and has room for one pod, which must be disposed of after making the cup of coffee before being used again.

Three buttons can be found on the machine, with the power button, a stop button to pause the pump and release system in its tracks, and an espresso release button that can only be engaged when the EspressGo is tipped upside down.

The EspressGo comes with a small coffee cup good enough for the 50ml espresso, a carrying case, and several pods to try the machine out with.


Coffee in your car? It probably sounds too good to be true for some people, and yet that’s exactly what Lavazza has done, teaming up with Handpresso to craft a small handheld machine that makes coffee quickly and easily, in roughly two minutes per cup.

Lavazza makes this possible by building a small encapsulated coffee machine in something closer to a thermos, the bottom section containing a 16 bar pump and pressure gauge, capable of taking around 50 millilitres of water and pushing it through a coffee capsule once it’s ready.

Out the other end, a brown liquid that many of us rely on will emerge, dripping and pouring into a small cup provided by Lavazza for drinking out of.

So how does this happen?

First you need a car, as the Lavazza EspressGo requires the 12V cigarette lighter found inside cars, taking its power from this port.

Open up the thermos-like machine, and fill it with 50mls of water, the level inside the machine providing an indication as to when the EspressoGo is filled. From here, you insert a Lavazza A Modo Mio pod, the top face down to press directly into the piercing prongs of the coffee machine.