A $99 coffee pod machine: Lavazza's Simpla reviewed
3.1Overall Score

Price (RRP): $99
Manufacturer: Lavazza

Coffee pod machines generally cost more than a hundred bucks, but Lavazza thinks it has found a solution, with a machine that costs just under a hundred and offers the convenience of easy coffee. Is Lavazza’s Simpla the simple solution you’ve been looking for?


Not quite small, but certainly nowhere near as big as some of the coffee machines we’ve seen, Lavazza’s Simpla is designed to be a simple and modern take on how an inexpensive instant espresso (we call it “inspresso”) machine could be.

The machine features many of the regular parts that competing pod machines include, such as a water tank (1.2 litres), capsule slot, spent capsule draw and drip tray, and a capsule loading and pressing lever, though this last one isn’t always on other machines depending on how automatic the machine is.

Lavazza’s Simpla also includes a pressure pump, a necessity for a coffee machine, and while Lavazza doesn’t specify what size pump the Simpla uses, it’s likely we’re seeing a 15 bar pump, just like it is on other Lavazza coffee machines available locally. A thermoblock inside the unit also promises to heat the water and keep everything hot.

Operation is handled through two main buttons, with one for power and one for the control of coffee, with a power switch on the back of the Simpla coffee machine.

Lavazza’s Simpla coffee machine is plugged in using a supplied jug plug, which needs to be plugged into both the machine and the wall to keep the machine powered.


A hundred bucks doesn’t get you much in the coffee world, not unless you’re interested in a drip filter that you can get down at your local department store. Even Nescafe’s capsule machines rarely hit below the $100 belt, unless you count the odd deals you can get around the holidays.

Lavazza’s answer to this is an entry to its A Modo Mio capsule system called the “Simpla,” a machine that’s a little bigger than most of the budget offerings out there from competitors, and offers a pod-based coffee experience for people who don’t want to spend too much dosh.

It’s also an espresso experience for someone who wants to buy capsules from their local supermarket, rather than going into a specialised store like how Nespresso works, as Lavazza’s range of nine coffee pods can generally be found at most supermarkets in Australia.

The machine is relatively easy on the eyes, and ours was dressed in white and black with silver parts accenting the front, top, and sides of the unit.

Setting up the Simpla is just as easy as finding the pods, though, and you merely need to plug the jug plug into the unit, with the other end into a power socket.

Filling up the extra large water tank will also be useful, and this comes in two parts, with 1.2 litres able to be stored in this section.