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Despite this, you don’t need to invest, you’ll just want to, and anyone can play the entirety of the game without spending on an extra level or character pack (you just get more out of the game if you do).

And regardless of if you spend, you still get a fun family oriented game that will expose you to numerous franchises that’ll have you reaching for the Blu-ray shelf (and possible the game shelf) to share with anyone who is sitting nearby to ask “who is that?”


Simply put, there is a load of fun to have in Lego Dimensions, but it seems especially made for people who play together, whether it’s family around the console or two consenting adults wanting to relive what it was like to be kids again.

Highly recommended.


Review: Lego Dimensions (PS3, PS4, X360, XB1, Wii U)
Price (RRP): $169.95 for the starter pack; Add-on packs start at $24.95; Manufacturer: Warner Bros. Interactive
4.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes