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The steel grey keyboard is beautifully laid out with contoured key tops. The chiclet key throw is 1.5mm and actuation is approx. 45g – as good as it gets for an ultra-thin with good feedback and no flex. It is two-stage backlit.

In typing tests, I achieved 85% of my speed and 90% accuracy compared to a thumping big mechanical Logitech G613 keyboard that is a ‘clackety’ dream for typists.

The oversized 105 x 60mm glass touchpad is precise and supports four-finger gestures. It will move the cursor from top right to bottom left of the screen in one swipe.

The Lenovo Active Pen 2 provides the natural feel of a pen-on-paper. It has 4096 levels of sensitivity (like Surface Book/Pro) and uses a Wacom two-button Digitiser driver. It is 100% Windows Ink compatible, so it is good for designers and artists. Apparently, there is a pen holder that plugs into the USB-A port. The pen uses one AAAA and two smaller button batteries.

Lenovo Yoga 920Front camera

It is a .9MP, 1280 x 720p camera. Colours are accurate but noisy. It will do [email protected] video for Skype. It does not support Windows Hello.


It is Dolby Atmos capable if you want to buy the software update from Windows store for $22.45. While I object to what amounts to paying for a driver I am assured it is to cover licensing fees. Dolby Atmos only works with wired and Bluetooth headphones. It will output a 5.1.2 signal to an amplifier/soundbar via the 3.5mm wired and BT.

It has four far-field mics good up to four metres.

Apart from Dolby Atmos, it is JBL tuned. Maximum loudness was 80dB. There is a thin upper-level bass (around 300Hz), balanced mids, and balanced highs dropping off at 12,500kHz.

This is a bright vocal (bass recessed, mids/treble boosted) sound signature. The EQ can adjust this to mid centric (for clearer voice).


Lenovo claims its 78Wh battery will give 15 hours with an FHD screen. It does not state the battery life with a 4K screen.

We ran a video 1080p video loop at 50% screen brightness in aeroplane mode and got 11 hours. Not bad. In office use with Wi-Fi etc., you could get 12+ hours.

It will charge, albeit slower on a Qualcomm 3.0 USB-C like the Belkin Belkin USB 3A, 5/9/12/15V x 3A (45W) charger for tablet. It will also work with any USB-C or Thunderbolt Dock with either pass through or 65W power.

Recharge time using the Quick Charger supplied was around an hour.


Yes, she is there in the background as is Microsoft Bing and Edge. Constant Connect (Always-on but asleep) and dual ANC mics ensure you can talk to her from up to four metres away. Better still the mics are tuned for Skype and other video conference software.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Comms

It is interesting that Lenovo uses the Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 Wi-Fi AC and BT4.1 chip instead of the Intel 8265 equivalent. Rumour has it that this is slightly faster.