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Simply the best: LG’s 4K OLED TV reviewed
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $5999
Manufacturer: LG

I have to wonder, can LG’s $5,999 55EG960T OLED TV be regarded as being at the summit of the TV making craft? Well, at least alongside the larger but otherwise similar 65EG960T ($9,999)?

You know, it’s looking pretty good for the role.


What makes this particular TV special is that it unifies two technologies: Ultra High Definition and the OLED display.

We’ve talked a lot about UHD these last few years, about its quadrupling of the number of pixels offered by Full HD; about its ability, with careful scaling, to make even Blu-ray look that little bit better; and about how great it ought to be when actual UHD source material becomes available.

We’ve also talked a bit about OLED – organic light emitting diode – displays. About how they don’t need a backlight because each of the tiny diodes produces its own light. About how they are the first realistic panel display technology that can actually produce full resolution perfect blacks.

And now these are combined into one television, available in two different sizes.


The 139cm display on the 55EG960T TV is curved, as seems to be the practice with OLED displays. But the curve is gentle and doesn’t distort the picture too much unless you’re viewing at an extreme angle.

It’s also thin.



Down the bottom of the panel, where the electronics and connections and power supply reside, the panel is about 50mm thick. But the top third or so of the panel is only about 7mm thick.

No need for backlights, or complex arrangements to reflect edge lights, so no problems making it thin. The rear of the TV is finished in a subtlely patterned white, not the industrial metal of yore. Around the picture the frame, which merges into the screen, is only 8mm wide.

The stand has a brushed aluminium bottom plate atop of which is vertical pane of thick glass to hold the TV.

At first glance the TV looks like it is hovering unsupported (it can instead be attached to a wall using the $149 mount). Given then minimal nature of the frame, this fine impression is enhanced.