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LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop head
4.3Overall Score
Name: LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop
Price (RRP): $1199
Manufacturer: LG

The LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop head builds on the hugely successful LG A9 series of cordless handstick vacuum cleaners introduced last year.

Now before you say I like vacuuming and mopping (I do not), the LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop head actually removes a lot of the drudgery from floor cleaning.

I know you are sniggering at that statement (or as a Yank might say pshaw Shaw), but it is true. The clever industrial design and functionality of two devices – well three or four – in one coupled with dual swappable batteries makes cleaning easier – not so much a chore.

LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop

The concept is simple. Add a Power Drive Mop head to the LG A9 series and charge a couple of hundred dollars more! I wish they sold it separately as it works on existing A9 vacuums – LG take note!

The Power Mop head comes with the LG A9 Ultimate

Before we get into the Power Drive Mop head review, the A9 series (review here) is the only cordless handstick vacuum cleaner to give Dyson’s V10 and V11 a thorough run for its money. Both brands are well made, very good at sucking, and have a great complement of accessories.

LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop

But LG has the advantage of dual swappable fast charge batteries (on some models) that can make it more flexible than a dead Dyson (that takes 5 hours to recharge).

LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop
LG’s secret sauce!

Does the Power Drive Mop head work?

 Of course, it works. More importantly, how does it clean various surfaces?

LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop

Our test area is 50m2 hard (Bamboo) timber flooring and 20m2 of large ceramic tiles. Neither had seen a mop for some time (my wife and I hate mopping) nor a vacuum for at least two weeks, so there was a reasonable amount of dust and detritus on the floor.

In direct sunlight, we could see all manner of scuffs, dried liquid stains and water/liquid/food splashes around the dishwasher etc. Plus living beside the sea means a fine salt scum leaves the floors a little sticky to bare feet.

No, we are not grubs, but we prefer to live a good life with cursory cleaning that the LG A9 and its fluffy hard floor Power Drive head allows – and perhaps a serious quarterly or half-yearly spring/autumn mopping/cleaning.

So, with the scene set and two batteries fully charged we put the LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop through its paces.

A little segue. When I was a kid, my dad had a retail shop with a vinyl tiled floor. Every night he (or mum) would run the polisher over it. When I was old enough, it was my ‘job’, and I discovered the joys of rotary polishing. Or rather the pitfalls!

LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop

All the rotary polished did was mix a spray of polish with the dust already there. That was fine for a while giving the tiles a nice sheen, but every so often you needed to strip back the ‘grime’ to reveal the true floor colours – no matter how glossy it was you could not eat your dinner off it.

The LG Power Mop Head adds a much-needed vacuum cleaner to that process. The front of the head sucks up dust and debris and the back of the head mops or polishes. Its vacuum function is not as efficient as using a Hard floor Power Drive, but it suffices. We only had the unit to test over Easter so, if we had it longer, we might have vacuumed/mopped on alternate weeks.


It comes with two types of round pads. For want of better words one is soft with frilly edges (let’s call that the standard) and one is slightly smaller and harder without frilly edges (let’s call that scrubby).

  • Wet a matching pair, wring out excess water, place/centre on the Velcro mop head rotating disks
  • Detach the water container and fill with water – it takes 200ml and appears quite drip proof. BTW – 200 ml last for probably 500+m2.
  • Reattach to the mop head
  • Attach to the A9 handstick
  • Set it for either a 6-or-8-second delay spray (to be clear this adjusts the water volume – 6 seconds is more) or turn it off for a light polish only.
  • Adjust the A9 vacuum pipe so for comfort to avoid stooping
  • Press power on et voila!
LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop

Take 1

Like a bull in a china shop, I was away. Water on 8 seconds (the least amount as I wanted to be cautious on timber floors) and the standard pads.