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In no time flat, I had done the 50m2 timber and the 20m2 tiles and was ready to write up the review. Except that under my wife’s critical eye – closer inspection – I had not achieved the nirvana I was expecting.

Before you say it does not work – it is not LG, it is me!

What I learnt was

  • The pads get grimy quickly – and in my case, like dad’s old rotary polisher, once they are dirty, all they do is swirl dirty water.
  • You need to rinse the pads probably about every 10-15m2 to stop spreading grime – less as your floors get and stay cleaner
  • The standard pads are fine for light work, but the scrubby ones really are better for grimy floors
LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop
You can see the grime – it is easy to rinse and repeat every 10-15m2

Take 2

Using the scrubby pads, water on 6 seconds and rinsing pads every 10-15m2 I eliminated the grime spreading and started to get a truer mop. The scrubby pads, however, are smaller and don’t abut, so it leaves a small centre channel that you need to be careful to clean.

I also found that despite the scrubby pads counter-rotation there was a reasonable torque steer that tries to move the head forward.

And I needed the turbo power on the mid or high setting chewing up battery life prodigiously. I used two batteries for this test!

On closer inspection, I again failed to achieve perfect Johnson Wax floors!

What I learnt was

  • You need to polish backwards! With vacuuming, you walk forwards vacuuming in front of you. If you do that with mopping, you track footprints over your pristine work.
  • And that it did not remove stubborn scuffs or dried-on food stains.

So, after recharging the two batteries (you can do two at a time – one in the vacuum and one in the stand – allow a couple of hours)…

Take 3

By then it was evening, and we realised that in the dimmer light we could not see the difference it may make. So, we waited until morning with the beautiful sunshine filling the room. We could see every scuff, food stain and circular grime redistribution pattern from our previous efforts.

First, we prepared the floor using a DishMatic scour pad on a handle and some dishwashing liquid to get rid of the stubborn scuffs. We left some water/food spills to see how effective the scrubby head would be.

Polishing backwards we achieved a pretty good result focusing on two things.

First, where we knew there were dried/stains/splashes, we applied a little extra time and elbow grease to the mop head, and it did remove them.

Second, we took our time and two batteries to methodically clean, completely covering the floor area.

Voila – a floor to be proud of.

Some extra advice

Battery life on medium power is about 15-20 minutes. That will do 50-70m2 hard floor. If you need maximum settings, it will do half the area. This is by no means an issue – the Power Mop head takes more time to do a good job than the standard powerheads.

The dry polish function is a little better than the hard floor ‘fluffy’ powerhead, but the latter is very convenient.

Comfort wise the torque ‘steering’ does require you use a little extra force to make sure you cover the entire floor – especially with the scrubby pads. It was not exhausting but not as easy as just vacuuming. The Power Mop head adds about 700g to the overall weight.