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And do it when you have enough light in the room to see scuffs and when the pads start to leave swirly marks – it is time to rinse.

GadgetGuy’s take – LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop cleans up

It works with the common-sense caveats above. It is well made and is a useful addition to the LG A9 vacuum system.

I hope LG offer it as a spare part for A9 existing A9 owners.

Would I buy one?

LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop

Given that mopping is a real chore – is the Pope a Catholic?

A real mop takes effort and time to mop, rinse, squeeze, repeat, and it does not vacuum at the same time. And after a mop, you usually need to polish to get the best result.

Once you get your hard floors in order, it may add 15 minutes or so every other week, but you will have squeaky clean, rather than just vacuumed floors.

Given its robust design, we wonder if we could not use a very small quantity of dish liquid to help cut grease – our test time was too short do that but if you buy it to see if it helps.

LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop head
Name: LG A9 Ultimate with Power Drive Mop Price (RRP): $1199 Manufacturer: LG
Capable of matching a normal mop’s results with common-sense caveatsLG’s two-stage water control is far better for water sensitive floors
Common-sense caveats are not always common-sense to all users!Scrubby pads need more power and effort to do the best job
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.3Overall Score
Reader Rating 119 Votes