The most obvious is a replaceable battery, because some people may still want one of these, and the LG G5 grants this in an easy way: push the button along the bottom left edge and slide out the bottom of the phone, revealing a battery pre-mounted to the butt of the phone. If you have a spare, you can slide it right in, and voila, more battery life.

You do need to power it back on — because there’s no spare temporary battery inside the phone to keep it running while you change batteries — but at least the battery is super easy to switch out.


There’s more than just another battery, though, and LG will also be making the “CamPlus” battery pack, which is a grip you need to move your phone battery into with some advanced camera controls, letting you hold and use the LG G5 like a real camera.

Sort of, anyway.

The phrase “like a real camera” is intentional, because you get a grip and a control wheel and a shutter, but it’s quite clear you’re still holding a phone.

It is kind of awkward getting your phone battery into the camera grip, so you’re probably going to want to buy another battery and leave it in the device. Seriously, getting the battery out involves pulling the two apart at a slight angle, which will separate the two and let you load one battery into the other, not something you can do remarkably quickly on the go.


But something is better than nothing, and if you’re an avid phone-ographer, it might be a cool gimmick to dial into, much like Nokia’s 1020 with the functional camera grip.

You do get a scroll wheel to zoom in, and zooming out far enough will switch you over to the wide-angle lens on the G5. Even the secondary button next to the main shutter records video, which could be super handy.

It’s a little uncomfortable to throw in your pocket with this equipped, thanks to that bulky grip, and it doesn’t even sit balanced on the table.


Bang & Olufsen will also be releasing a 24-bit media player DAC to the G5 which will bring another headphone jack with more volume and higher grade audio support, ideal if you don’t want to buy a separate media player. We have our doubts about the sort of thing this will do to the G5’s battery, but will wait until we see it.

And that’s the extent of the removable “friends” the G5 will have, but not the limit, with a few other accessories being released made for the whole virtual reality movement about to set fire to the entertainment world.