Granted, the smartphone is designed to do so much these days, and LG’s G5 does as much as the next phone, but it also seems a tad pricey for a phone that doesn’t quite pull the same battery life as the other players.


You also have to hope LG keeps the accessory design around next year, or even introduces more accessories, because if it doesn’t, you may feel a little shortchanged, much like when Motorola had the Atrix and its laptop dock, and then never kept the design around leaving you with a one-hit-wonder.

And this makes us think a second generation of this design could get LG to nail it, because while it’s a solid idea, it’s one that feels like it also has first generation teething issues.

Next time, though, it could be an astounding success. We just hope LG doesn’t give up on the concept and there is a next time.

For now, though, it’s the ideal phone only if you love customisation and a replaceable battery. If you count yourself in that category, you know what to do.

A phone with a difference: LG’s G5 reviewed
Price (RRP): $1099; Available on plans from Telstra and Optus; Manufacturer: LG
Design is nice; A typically lovely screen from LG, though one that isn’t OLED; Two cameras, the first of which is pretty good; Blazingly fast 4G speeds; Gesture keyboard is very good in this generation; Replaceable battery; “Friends” accessories bring more functionality to a phone, even if they are optional; Infrared is still here, making it the only manufacturer to keep the phone as a remote!; Best execution of a dual-camera we’ve seen yet;
Edge is sharper than you expect; Android feels more like iOS, and that may not appeal to all people; No water-proofing; Battery life isn’t on par with other 2016 flagships; “Friends” accessories aren’t necessarily cheap and don’t come with the phone; Changing one of the accessories means switching the phone off; Camera can be relatively slow to fire; Wide-angle camera isn't amazing quality; Some bugs can be seen via music playback and notifications;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.0Overall Score
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