Synthetic benchmarks are very good, even if they don’t quite put it on par with what Samsung’s Exynos-based phones are doing locally, but you shouldn’t have any issues regardless.

In fact jumping from app to app and from menu screen to menu screen, the flow of this phone is practically seamless, which is great news for you.

It’s hard to pick up on a skerrick of lag, if one exists, and LG has done a pretty good job of optimising the OS, even if Android isn’t the way we normally like it. More on that in a moment.


For now, we’re finishing up our tally on performance by looking at the 4G speeds, which can support speeds of up to 300Mbps, putting it in Category 6.

LG hasn’t yet confirmed exactly which category this sits in, and we’ve heard variants of the phone exist in both Category 6 (300Mbps down, 50Mbps up) and Category 9 (450Mbps down, 50Mbps up), but regardless of what speed you think it can reach, it is fast.

Tested in Sydney’s CBD on Telstra’s 4GX network, we found speeds hitting as high as 200Mbps down, practically blowing our eyelids off and making it one of the fastest tests of any smartphone we’ve ever done. As if we needed a way to churn through our data more quickly, because testing download speeds in this way will definitely do it.



Outside of performance, there’s use, and this one is a little different from what we expected.

We said we’d get to this momentarily, and here it is, with the bad news first: Android on the LG G5 doesn’t look as much like Android in its current incarnation.

In the past, LG has offered a pretty lightly skinned interpretation of Google’s Android OS, with most of the tweaks there for user customisation.

Care to change the soft buttons at the bottom of the screen? You could do it. Keen to change icons on an individual app basis? You could do that, too.

Theming? No worries, because just as HTC and Samsung have only cottoned onto the fact, it’s been with LG phones for a while.

In the LG G5, the same is true except the design of Android has changed: there’s no app drawer.