The lens angles side by side, with wide angle on the left and standard angle on the right.

The lens angles side by side, with wide angle on the left and standard angle on the right.

Perhaps if LG had found a way to blend the two images, we might have something, but they will always take pictures separately, and your original camera doesn’t quite have the edge against some of the other flagships out today.

A test image from LG's 16 megapixel standard camera on the G5.

A test image from LG’s 16 megapixel standard camera on the G5.


The battery is one area that won’t let the company properly compete in today’s smartphone world.

Let’s just get this out of the way, because it needs to be said and chances are you agree, especially if you read GadgetGuy on a regular basis: 2015 was a bit of a joke as far as battery life was concerned.

Last year, the norm was for a phone to come off charge at 7am and need to go back on at 7pm. That’s a mere 12 hours of life. Twelve freakin’ hours.

That was the norm, and what we expected from most phones. Battery life in phone reviews was marked as “good” last year because a smartphone could reach half a day.

Publications like us would recommend carrying a power brick with you in case you used your phone as a power user and the thing conked out before the 12 hour day mark, and so many of us now have one of these carried with us at all times, too.

The norm didn’t allow for many people to operate without one of these, and while we had hoped for a norm of one to two days, it didn’t really eventuate, and everyone — from Samsung to LG to HTC to Microsoft to Sony — was pretty much hitting the same 12-15 hour mark as each other.

This year, though the norm has changed, and thank goodness for that. In 2016, the norm is now a full 24 hours.

Yes people, we’ve doubled to what we should be getting from a smartphone, because it should last a full day of life without needing to run to a wall or power brick. It should be able to even reach into a bit of the next day, when you suddenly realise that “oh no, you forgot to plug it in” and ultra low power saving modes are your only hope.

So, 24 hours is the target. Can LG nail it?


Yes and no, but it’s a little more complicated than either a one or three word answer can achieve.

With the standard battery thrown in, it seems as those 12 to 15 hours is still a standard battery life for an LG phone, and we found with wired headphones that we couldn’t manage more than that.