Specifically, that was a day off charge at 6am with web surfing, picture taking, email checking, phone call making, social network yakking, and a whole lot of other smartphone capable connected phrases ending with “ing” until around 10pm where the phone life had dropped to around 7 percent.

Not amazing life on par with the other flagship “norms”, but not terrible all the same, lasting a work day, just not a full day, which we semi-expected out of a 2800mAh battery.

With 3000mAh becoming the norm in Android phones of this size, we have to wonder if the extra 200mAh would have made the phone go the distance.

There is an upside amidst this, however, and it’s one no other 2016 phone can lay claim to: the battery is replaceable.


Provided you pony up $70 per battery you’ll be able to slot out the battery in there and stick a new one in, and LG is even suggesting a recharge box with a battery inside will be made available shortly, making this less of a pain.

So while the “norm” isn’t quite matched with this phone, there is at least a workaround to get it up to “norm” levels.

Fun with “friends” and the quest for expandability

Looking at the LG G5, it’s easy to see the inspiration from previous LG-built phones, provided you’re familiar with them.

The front of the LG G3 is here on the front go the G5, while the back is reminiscent of what LG did with Google over on the Nexus 5X last year, while the whole phone feels as well built as the glass bodied LG Optimus G, the very first of the G range, except in metal.

We’re delighted to see a change to a more premium material, and we’re sure you are too, but LG isn’t just evolving the aesthetics in the design here.

No, it wants to make phones more interesting.

LG's expansion options for the G5 includes a VR headset and a rolling ball of some kind.

That’s the idea, at least, behind LG’s “Friends” concept, an idea that sees the LG G5 come apart when you tell it to, allowing you to add accessories or extra functionality by plugging in a new component, delivering a greater experience to the G5 handset.

It’s an interesting concept, that’s for sure, and one that presents itself in a few ways.