LG G7 ThinQ is artificially intelligent (Australian review)
4.2Overall Score
Price (RRP): $1099 Manufacturer: LG

The LG G7 ThinQ is not meant to be its flagship. That spot goes to the innovative V30S ThinQ. Yet this meets or exceeds many flagship paradigms. It is a desirable phone with a smart AI camera.

Every time I review an LG product – smartphone to vacuum cleaner – I think this is pretty good stuff.  I like it. It is usually ahead of the competition either in features or innovation. Without fail every LG product I have owned or used, at least for the past few years has lived up to the motto Life’s Good.

And I am going to ask readers to think the same way.

A segue first. If you are considering a flagship device, then the LG V30+ ThinQ reviewed here is a solid contender for the best flagship of the year. It is a hard act for the LG G7 ThinQ (I hate typing ThinQ, but LG asks us to) to follow. Yet the phones both have strengths that make each desirable.

By the way, ThinQ is really about LG’s take on Artificial Intelligence. GadgetGuy Val Quinn offers his take on this here.

Review: LG G7 ThinQ Model LMG710EMW.AAUSBK (Black)

Before we begin the review is the mandatory warning that you must buy a model certified for all Australian networks. These can make an emergency call 000 without a sim. Avoid shonky online and international resellers that sell grey/parallel market like the plague.

This year, the LG G7 Thin Q comes with many different model numbers like