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LG R9 Master robot vacuum cleaner is the best yet – by far
4.6Overall Score
Name: LG R9 Master robot vacuum
Price (RRP): $1899 but shop around for a deal
Manufacturer: LG

The LG R9 Master robot vacuum cleaner is the best by a huge margin of any brand/model GadgetGuy has tested. This is a great robot vacuum cleaner and one that I would own.

I make no apologies to the other robot vacuum cleaners we have reviewed. See links here and here. Without fail, they left me wanting more – much more. The LG R9 Master ticks almost every paradigm box and then some. Competition is healthy and let’s hope other brands try to beat LG.

Without spoiling the remainder of the LG R9 Master review

  • It gives a good deep clean – as well as the LG A9 Master that is currently the best stick vacuum
  • The full dust caddy and clean floors under bare feet proves it
  • 5200mAh battery life is amazing – around two hours use and four to charge
  • It is the only one to conquer our feature shag pile rug and clean it
  • It is the only one to explore and find all our north/south and east/west rooms without prompting
  • It has a full-width Power Drive Nozzle that works on timber, tiles, carpet and shag pile
  • It is a hell of a lot more intelligent for obstacle avoidance and edge cleaning
  • It is quiet at 55dB
  • It significantly reduces the need for a manual vacuum cleaner – does not do window cobwebs!

We christen thee ‘Lucky’, and you are welcome in the Shaw household anytime.

LG R9 Master robotic vacuum cleaner with ThinQ intelligence

Website here

Price: $1899 but shop around and you may find it online for a lot less or even find a factory second.

Like all reviews, we caution that this uses our standard test home setup, and we cannot vouch for all surfaces or styles of homes. We can say that if you are not happy with the LG R9 Master, then you won’t be happy with anything else.

Having said that robot vacs cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, so there needs to be a price/performance paradigm as well. So, match your expectations to your budget.

In the box

  • R9 robotics vacuum
  • Charging station
  • Remote control and batteries
  • Spare washable pre-filter

First Impression

OK, it’s bigger than I expected. Iron Grey, taller and wider with a full-width front Power Nozzle brush and a rear round body. Size: 285mm x 330mm x 143mm x 4.2kg.

The control panel is a maze of touch-sensitive lights/buttons. At the rear is a 600ml lift-out, washable dustbin.

LG R9 Master
LG R9 Master

Setup is easy with the LG ThinQ app although it does ask your date-of-birth as a security measure.

Run time, charge time and base negotiation

We 25% through a four week-test so results so far are based on two full home cleans. We will update this as new data emerges.

The unit has four power profiles

  • 45 W (General mode)
  • 90 W (Turbo function)
  • 200 W (Spiral Spot mode)
  • 310 W (Spiral Spot mode with Turbo function)

Battery life depends on the use of these profiles. For timber and hard floors, the 45W mode will give over 90 minutes. If it is a mix of carpet and hard floor, the smart turbo kicks in, and that can reduce to around an hour.

But for our first two cleans we have had two hours (80/20 hard/carpet).

Battery recharge is between four and five hours.

In both cases, it found all the rooms and cleaned very well before exclaiming its battery is low and returning to base. Each time it was at least 20 metres from the base and had to navigate an obstacle course down hallways or around furniture.