LG WK7 ThinQ Google Assistant speakers. Elegant, meticulous, Meridian tuned sound (review)
4.4Overall Score

Price (RRP): $299
Manufacturer: LG

LG has entered the Google Home smart speaker market. The LG WK7 ThinQ provides the most pleasant, easy listening, elegant sound of all Google Assistant speakers we have tested.

GadgetGuy is currently testing ten Google Assistant speakers. While all have Google intelligence in common, the delivery is very different.

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What is an LG WK7 ThinQ?

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LG WK7 ThinQIt is LG’s tilt at the Google Home ecosystem. It is a 211mm high x 135mm x 1.9kg cylindrical, front firing 1.0 mono, speaker covered in a black acoustic metal mesh. Style-wise, it would not look out of place in most homes.

Two Class-D amps (total 30W) drives a mid/bass woofer and a separate tweeter. It has Wi-Fi AC Dual band and Bluetooth 4.2 using the SBC codec. There is no Aux-in.

The top has two mics, controls for volume and playback. There is a mute microphone button at the back of the cylinder. Four OK Google lights tell you if it’s listening or not.

A 19V/1.2A ‘brick’ provides power.

Oh, and it runs the new use the Android Things platform. This allows developers to make the most of the platform’s capabilities.


LG WK7 ThinQ

Via Google Home app on a smartphone – dead easy.

A separate LG Wi-Fi speaker app for iOS and Android adds some additional features. For example, you can access a DLNA server (for home music), integrate with a 2018 LG V or other LG Chromecast devices. It is also used for Bluetooth setup and can access music services outside Google Home.

How does it sound?

Remember this is a 1.0 mono, front-firing speaker. You buy it for Google Assistant and for listening to music sources (like radio) where mono is all you need.

We found it had the most elegant, bright, pleasant sound of any current Google Home speaker. At $299 it is the one I would choose if money were not an issue (compared to the Google Home at $199).

There are many reasons why the LG WK7 ThinQ sounds so good.

British company Meridian Audio does the tuning. According to LG, this adds ‘incredibly impactful and realistic sound’. We agree.