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You can also set up routines or schedules in Google et al., or the app


Create an IFTTT account. Link LIFX to it. After that, you can interact with any other IFTTT IOT devices like security cameras and motion detectors. It also opens up geofencing to turn on lights in range of your smartphone (in a certain period).

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Smart Lights


You need to secure any IoT network – read our five easy steps here. I am leaning to using a D-Link D-Fend with McAfee router for my ever growing IoT network.

GadgetGuy’s take – LIFX Wi-Fi LED Smart Lights are the easiest addition to a dumb home.

Over the two weeks test with a D-Link AC5300 router about 6 metres away they are flawless. But I did read a couple of reviews that found spotty performance with low power Wi-Fi networks. In this case, consider Philips Hue and its Zigbee bridge. I own a Philips Hue setup, and it has been great.

My advice for poor Wi-Fi – buy a better router. Although you can use both systems at the same time.

As a party trick turning your kitchen lights on by voice impresses the neighbours. But making them change colours is very impressive.

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Smart Lights

The only elephant in the room is the price – eye-wateringly expensive for Joe and Jan Average, especially if you want to retrofit most of your home. I have not done the energy saving calculations (as that would take months to years to see differences), but I expect these would pay for themselves in under 10 years of their 22+ year lifespan.

Here is a video with the IR light function – very good

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Smart Lights
Name: LIFX Wi-FI LED smart lights Price (RRP): $from 29.99 Manufacturer: LIFX
Easy setup especially via Google Assistant and works from compatible smartwatchesVoice control is a breeze and makes you very lazyCompatible with almost every smart home system including Samsung SmartThingsNo hub neededThe well-developed app makes it easy to get the white temperature you like (I like cool!!!)IFTTT makes it very usefulThe A60 1100 lumens and 135° beam is excellent for larger spaces
Not cheap – use sparingly until you are hookedThe App gives more functionality than Alexa or Google voice canIf you have poor Wi-Fi, then Philips Hue with its Zigbee bridge may be a better optionDamn – I want more!
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.7Overall Score
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