Sounds great: Marshall’s Stanmore Bluetooth speaker reviewed
4.7Overall Score

Price (RRP): $599
Manufacturer: Marshall

Bluetooth speakers tend to have a very same-same look, what with all the small cylindrical or rectangular boxes out there, but Marshall’s Stanmore is something different, very different, focusing on the brand’s heritage and delivering a speaker for musos.


Retro looks seem to be a thing modern designers are embracing, but the Marshall Stanmore looks to take that to the next level, borrowing from the style used in Marshall’s amplifiers and speakers used by professional musicians, and applying that to a Bluetooth speaker with support for other sources.

The design is pure Marshall amp, too, possibly 70s to 80s, with a vinyl covering around what appears to be a wooden box, similar to the speakers the company normally produces.

There’s a fabric cover for the grill, and the typical Marshall script logo, with the top of the speaker decked in brushed metal with knobs, buttons, and switches designed in the same vein, all of which looks like the Stanmore is a piece out of Marshall’s long musical history.

Built in the same vein is one thing, but Marshall wants you to enjoy the sound, too, and has employed two 1.9cm dome tweeters and a 13cm subwoofer to make this happen, working with a Class D amplifier delivering 80 watts of power across these inclusions (40W sub, 20W tweeters).

This technology doesn’t come light, though, with the Stanmore tipping the scales at 5.1 kilograms.

While only one sound device can be used at once, owners will have four ways of transmitting sound to the Marshall Stanmore speaker, with Bluetooth, 3.5mm stereo jack, RCA (red-white), or optical.

A button for source will let you change sources quickly, one by one, with the other button — pair — helping you to initiate the Bluetooth pairing process with a phone, tablet, or laptop computer.

No battery is found here, though, a change from other speakers, and you’ll need to keep the Stanmore plugged into the wall to use it.


Marshall calls the Stanmore a compact product, but in terms of compact Bluetooth speakers, we can already tell you that you’ve likely seen much smaller.

Rather, the Stanmore sits on the larger side of compact speaker world, appearing as a mid-sized speaker and weighing just over five kilograms, well over what most “compact” Bluetooth speakers come in at.

That’s not compact, not by any stretch of the imagination, though it’s definitely compact compared to some of the other speaker boxes Marshall makes, and that’s what the Stanmore has been designed to look like.

In fact, the design is one area we love.