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We intend to reduce the scads of paperwork in our filing cabinets (mostly A4) to scans. You can use another program called Epson SmartScan to do this. With this software, it will scan up to 413gsm (plain, coated or laminated stock) and 215.9 x 6096mm (A4+ and long length)

Here you can scan as an editable and searchable PDF or use OCR to convert to Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.

The Epson FF-680W also works with the Epson DocumentScan app for Android and iOS.

GadgetGuy’s take:

It is the right tool for the job – both in a hardware and software sense. Consider purchasing the scanner and after you finish the mammothinitial scan, hand it on to your families to do the same.

It should last the distance, and you can obtain replacement rollers if they wear out (the device will tell you when it reaches a pre-set number of scans). Apart from that allyou need to do it clean the scanner ‘slits’ occasionally.

If you put a price on priceless memories, this is a very low-cost option that helps reduce the time a.k.a. pain to preserve them. It costs $799.

The hardest part is disposing of the photos after scanning them – to make space of course. We recommend a good shredder. Now we can peruse the folders online reorganise, make new albums, share with family and friends and maybe let Mr Google try to categorise them as well and play on the Google Home Hub.

Memories, oh so many memories with Epson FF-680W fast photoscanner
Name: Epson FF-680W fast poto scanner Price (RRP): $799 Manufacturer: Epson
Will make an archivist droolEast to setup and useFast - very fast and makes short work scanning lots of photos300/600/1200DPI and great software
Opens a floodgate of memories - keep tissues handyCan't scan to network attached storage
Value for money
Easy of Use
4.7Overall Score