Such a helpful bug this one, we’ve seen it before, so we know you basically have to hold the power button for 30 seconds (count them) to kill all power from the machine, similar to the old PC trick of holding the power button for five whole seconds which would do the same on any laptop or desktop, and still does, for the most part.

After you’ve done this, let go of the power button, wait a second or two, and either press the power button quickly again to turn it on and see Surface come to life in its boot menu (which you can press restart from) or, alternatively, press that power button while holding the volume up for 15 seconds before letting go, as per Microsoft’s support website.

It’s frustrating to see this sort of bug on such a new machine, and again, it’s such a Microsoft Surface-specific bug that it can really grind at you, especially if you just went out and bought the new machine. Still, there’s a solution, and at least you can know something about it before it eventually happens. Here’s hoping it doesn’t eventually happen to you.



When it comes to Windows tablets, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 easily leads the pack, and while the changes might not appear to be much, you have to look beneath the surface (sorry!) to see what Microsoft is doing.

Frankly, there isn’t one thing in the Pro 4 that makes it excellent. It’s not, for instance, the new processor, nor is it the tightening of the design, the improved pen, or the changes to the keyboard. It’s not even the better screen, though it is a lot better, and we wish more displays were like this.

Rather, it’s everything.

What makes the Surface Pro 4 brilliant is that Microsoft has made the entire tablet come together in a brilliant little package, warts and all.

While we wish the bugs would be squashed sooner rather than later and the keyboard were thrown in for the price, as well as Microsoft approving new ports to replace these older standards, the Surface Pro 4 is a brilliant little computer for today that could function just as well for tomorrow.

When version five rocks up, we suspect Microsoft will have totally nailed it, though, so if you want the best of the best, you may want to wait until then. If you can’t wait, no worries, because the Surface Pro 4 is good to go today.


Today's tablet: Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 reviewed
Price (RRP): $1349 (starting price); Surface Pro 4 ranges from $1349 to $3399 depending on configuration; review model was $1999; Manufacturer: Microsoft
Fantastically sharp screen; Removal of Microsoft Windows logo feels like it makes the screen bigger; Excellent sound; Performance is top notch; Password-less login works by identifying your face, and is a treat; Magnetic pen attachment now sits on the left side of the tablet no longer requiring you to choose holding it or charging the tablet; Optional TypeCover keyboard feels better designed, complete with a glass track multi-touch trackpad;
Paint job on the back is very easily scratched; No Type C USB port; Magnet is stronger on the pen, but it still falls off all too easily; Still the occasional black screen of death where the machine won't return from sleep requiring you to go online;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.4Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes