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The keyboard and pen are optional extra’s.

Who buy’s it?

It is a niche device – not a full-blown Surface Pro 7 or Laptop 3. It does not run all Windows programs (like the Surface Pro series), it chokes on multiple apps and browser tabs, and just when you are used to it you will find some must-have Windows app, and it won’t work!

The ideal buyer is someone that just wants a light device to use Office 365, Outlook, Edge and view content – it is perfect for that.

Screen – EXCEED

Surface means a 3:2 ratio screen more for productivity than any 16:9 ratio can be.

This is a 13-inch, 2880×1920, 267ppi and claimed 450 nits and 1400:1 contrast. We tested at 103% of sRGB, 73% DCI-P3, 420 nits and Delta E .3 (below 4 is good) – pass. There is also an enhanced colour profile for more saturated (and less accurate) colours.

It lacks HDR, and the glossy reflective screen is not the best in daylight.

Processor – PASS

In perspective, if it ran native 64-bit ARM programs it would have similar power to an Intel i5-8250U processor. But with all the emulations going on that is not a fair comparison.

Just accept that it has enough power for productivity and content.

Adreno 685 GPU – not for games and lacks OpenCL 1.2 or later support.

16GB LPDR4X-1866Mhz dual channel (Microsoft mistakenly calls this 3733)

256GB M.2 2230 (200GB free) user-replaceable under Sim card cover. It is a quite fast M.2 2230 PCIe NVM3 v3.0 x 4 lane topping 2358/1586MBps sequential/read writes. The fastest SSD would be up around 3500/3000. It is also quite good on larger file transfers.

Ports – PASS

Surface Connect Ribbon – Why? For 60W power and Surface Dock 5Gbps use. This is handy as it is a separate charging port and adds expansion.

2 x USB-C. In the absence of tech specs for these – see Expansion below. The ports support PD and can charge from a 45W charger or more.

Expansion – PASS

Windows Central says it has two USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) connectors. It claims it can support dual [email protected] external monitors. We are not challenging Windows Central, but there is no way we could get it to do that with a variety of docks and cables.

What is in question is that these are Gen 2, 10Gbps ports. Device Manager says it has USB 3.0 ports and hub. And Neowin says USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps).