Review: Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse (Surface Edition)
3.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $79.95
Manufacturer: Microsoft

Notebook mice are generally small, but Microsoft’s Wedge Touch mouse might set a new record for how uncomfortably small a portable mouse should be.

What is it?

Another entry in Microsoft’s long-running accessory market, the Wedge Touch is a mouse designed to be small, simple, and easy to take with you.

In fact, the Wedge Touch is being marketed as a “Surface Edition” mouse, which could mean it looks nice when used with a Microsoft Surface tablet, or that it was built to work with all Microsoft Surface tablets, whether it runs Windows 8 or RT.

As a Bluetooth mouse, it will work with any computer supporting Bluetooth, including Windows 8 laptops and tablets, and even Apple Macs.

The mouse relies on Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology for tracking surfaces as you move the mouse, which works on most surfaces, though will not work on clear glass or anything with a mirrored finish.

Two buttons are included on the mouse — left and right click — while the entire top of the mouse features a touch panel that can pick up on scrolling in either vertical or horizontal directions.

The mouse is powered by one AA battery (which is included in the box), and the bottom of the mouse has only one button and one switch, with the button reserved for power and Bluetooth pairing, while the switch opens the battery compartment on the side.


Designed for a new and more portable generation, Microsoft’s Wedge Touch is a mouse that you can fit in your pocket and, when switched on, replaces some of the Windows touch functionality on a mouse, which is especially useful if you updated to the touch-reliant operating system that is Windows 8 and don’t (like most people) have a touch screen to call on.

Take it out of the box and you’ll find a small softened triangular shape covered in matt black with a line in the middle telling you where the left and right click buttons are, and the Microsoft branding in light grey.

Flip it over and you’ll see a power and syncing button, as well as the battery compartment switch, flanking the part where the BlueTrack optical light will shine from when you’re controlling the mouse.

Setting the Wedge Touch up is pretty simple, and you simply need to open the door of the mouse using the switch, load the battery in, close it up, and then hold the power button down for a few seconds, waiting for the BlueTrack light to blink at you. From here, simply go into your Bluetooth devices and search for the new device, adding the mouse when it’s found.

When switched on, the mouse is very responsive, the Bluetooth connection providing a quick way to send information back to the computer, and the BlueTrack optical technology at the bottom of the mouse making it easy to move the mouse across pretty much any surface you’ll use as a desk: wood, plastic, your leg.

We tried on the slick white tables that normally struggle with mice and on our pants, with the blue light able to create an image and send it back the computer, reconstructing it in a way that meant our mouse cursor moved.