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Mintt UltraMintt X3 - bargain at $265
4.4Overall Score
Name: Mintt UltraMintt X3
Price (RRP): $265
Manufacturer: Mintt

Mintt is a new Australian smartphone brand – you may have seen it recently on Channel 9’s ‘The Block’. The Mintt UltraMintt X3 is its second most expensive offering – if you call $265 expensive.

We set out to analyse the Mintt UltraMintt X3 and why it offers so much for a paltry $265. It has a reasonable processor, battery, two-year swap warranty, Android 9 (10 coming) and more. Is there a catch?

The only catch is that Mintt is a new Australian company so we put it through due diligence first to check its bona fides and they are all good.

Mintt has a range of lower-cost phones from $179 that we will review when we can. We have completed the $399 Ultramintt Y3 here, and it punches well above its weight with a triple camera, Qi charging and so much more.

Q: How can Mintt make such low cost, well-featured phones?
A: Read the Mintt Ultramintt Y3 review for that answer.

The Mintt UltraMintt X3 is basically the same as Blu G9 (a US company that requires robust FCC certification for each handset). That makes me a lot more confident that this is a tried and tested ODM model.

Mintt Ultramintt X3

Australian website here

Price: $265 from Mintt online only

Buy here – or you will regret it

Mintt is an Australian company (partnering with Mintt Global that operates mainly in PNG and South-East Asia). All Mintt Australia smartphones have RCM (C-tick) certification. They are fully compliant with all Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) requirements for use in Australia.

This means it has the Australian firmware and LTE bands to work on all Australian Telco carrier networks and can make an 000-emergency call (not 911) without a SIM.

How we rate smartphones

We develop extensive paradigms – what it must meet or exceed – and then slot them into market segments.

Our original four categories have grown to seven, and we review against different paradigms for each category.

  1. Foldable $2500+
  2. Premium Flagship $1600-2499 (usually a flagship with more memory/storage, additional camera lens and now 5G)
  3. Flagship $1000-1599 (account for about 10% of sales)
  4. Premium mid-market $800-999 (10% and often last year’s flagship at run-out price)
  5. Mid-market $500-799 (about 25% of the market)
  6. Mass-market $200-499 (about 25% of the market)
  7. Value pre-paid <A$199 (about 30% of the market – good for pre-paid and children)

At $265 this fits at the lower end of the mass-market segment. Here you have the competition including LG K8 ($199), Nokia 2.2 ($199), LG K50 ($269), Huawei Y7 Pro ($269), OPPO AX5s ($279), Samsung Galaxy A20 ($279) and Nokia 4.2 ($299).

The basket of features in the Mintt UltraMintt X3 make it an offering you should consider.

In the box –

  • Mintt UltraMintt X3 handset
  • Charger 5V/2A (note: fast charge requires an optional USB-C 18W+ charger)
  • Cable type USB-A to USB-C
  • 3.5 mm earbuds and mic (standard grade)
  • Clear plastic bumper case
  • Pre-fitted screen protector
Mintt UltraMIntt X3

The first impression – Mintt UltraMintt X3

It is a 2.5 (curved edge), waterdrop glass slab with a pretty cobalt blue gradient back – yes, it is a HUGE fingerprint magnet.