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Throttling: A 15-minute test went from 71,447GIPS to 58,872GIPS (Average 64,446) effectively keeping 94% capacity after four minutes. There is always some throttling, but this reflects good heat management.

Temperature: at 100% load for 15 minutes the SoC reaches 62° (internal), but the battery and other components are no more than 32°. Outside it is even cooler at 10° (ambient inside temperature 17°). This is all within specification.

Summary: Our only issue is that MediaTek SoCs don’t play well with our testing software. However, it is a decent SoC commonly found in mass-market devices.


Wi-Fi Wi-Fi N, dual-band, MIMO
Wi-Di, Hotspot
BT Bluetooth 5.0
USB USB-C Type 1.0
GPS Yes A-GPS and e-compass

Using Cell Info the 5GHz Signal strength at 5 meters from our reference D-Link AC5300 router is -54dBm and 78Mbps (about as much as you can expect for Wi-Fi N 5GHz).

GPS is accurate to within 10 metres, but as it uses A-GPS to locate satellites, it can take a minute or more. It is adequate for turn-by-turn navigation and route recalculation if you are not in a hurry!

Summary: Few phones this price offer 5Ghz N band so it will move data faster over dual-band Wi-Fi.


LTE Cat 6 300/50Mbps DL/UL
Carrier aggregation: 2CA
Bands 1, 3, 7, 8, 28 
Sim Dual sim (hybrid) can use both at once or one for microSD card
Other VoLTE: depends on carrier
VoWiFi: No
Wi-FI Calling: No

Signal strength is excellent at -89dBm. Our reference Samsung Galaxy Note9  is -101dBm (lower is better) – this is great in a weak reception area.

As I have come to expect of 2019 technology, the UltraMintt X3 found the next nearest Telco tower at -95dBM (the Note9 does not).

That this is a phone for Australia but lacks band 40 (that may affect Optus users in Canberra).

It does not have many world LTE bands activated.

Summary: Good strong reception


Sound 3.5mm audio jack: Yes
Earpiece: above the notch
Speaker: down-firing mono
Mics – 2
Buds: 3.5mm buds/mic
FM Radio: yes
Res BT 5.0
SBC codec
EQ: None
Call quality Handsfree is clear but a little low volume
Volume Ring 80+dB (above average), Voice 73dB, Music 76dB

There are three tests – 3.5mm buds, BT headphones and the mono speakers.

The 3.5mm buds are average at best. I cannot measure frequency response, but there is no hint of bass, peaking mids and limited treble – mid-centric for clear voice.

Our reference Sony WH-1000Xm3 are wasted on SDB Codecs but we use them to detect crosstalk ad maximum volume. BT 5.0 is a nice touch (at this price), and the sound is clear, undistorted and strong.

Speaker sound signature

We use spectrum analysis to determine the sound signature of the down-firing mono speaker. We make it clear that few, if any, lower-priced phones have a decent speaker.