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8MP selfies should be outlawed. It is a basic selfie camera without flash or LCD fill.

Face detection was impossible in all but good light.


The rear camera has a 2MP depth camera for foreground/background blurring. It is OK but lacks a clear delineation where the foreground is not clearly defined.

The front 8MP camera supports bokeh but its all done post processing and is barely adequate.

Perhaps not ironically most people never use bokeh.


Maximum 1920 x [email protected] Colours are warmish, and details are quite good. The Helio P22 provides a level of EIS.

Rear camera summary

Better than most mass-market devices – great in day and office light using HDR. Not to bad in low light either.

GadgetGuy’s take – Mintt Ultramintt X3 offers goods value at $265

It is nowhere as impressive as its brother the UltraMintt Y3 which blows me out of the water for what a $399 phone can do.

But I have to pinch myself and come back to reality – this is a $265 phone and it meets or exceeds any expectations you should have.

And looking at JB Hi-Fi for price competitors there are none with the basket of features this phone has. In fact, you would need to spend $349 to get the OPPO AX7 which is the closest match to the Mintt X3 specifications.

Mintt UltraMintt X3 - bargain at $265
Name: Mintt UltraMintt X3 Price (RRP): $265 Manufacturer: Mintt
Good price-to-performance ratioCamera is a cut above ‘social media’ grade2-year warrantyAndroid 10 coming
720p display does not reach its potential - can be fixed3GB RAM means it can chug under load
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.4Overall Score
Reader Rating 4 Votes