The Soupmaker does exactly what it claims to do: it makes soup. It does it no better than a pot and a $15 stick mixer, though, which makes its $170 asking price hard to justify. Unless, of course, you don’t have a stove.

This Soupmaker, then, is ideal for travellers, students in dorm accommodation or those people (such as kids and the elderly) who are best kept away from hotplates and open flames.

We suspect it will also find a place in the cabinet alongside the many appliances from long gone Fathers Days, birthdays and Christmases whose utility was short lived. Instant wine cooler, omelette maker or egg poacher anyone?

Morphy Richards Soupmaker
Price (RRP): $170 Manufacturer: Morphy Richards
Great for travellers with campervans, as well as students in dorms;
Doesn't really do much if you've already got a pot and a stick mixer; A real hassle to clean;
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.4Overall Score
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