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Performance is average. Some apps open slowly. Twitter or Facebook does not scroll smoothly. But overall lag is acceptable.

To save costs, Motorola has used non-Qualcomm components wherever it can, e.g. for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound, etc. Do don’t try to compare this device with a pure Qualcomm 425 solution like the Samsung J2 (2018).

The Adreno graphics processor is too slow for many mobile games but does support H.264/265 decoding for 720p video playback.

2GB of RAM is adequate but limits multi-tasking. We opened three apps before it started to slow.


Comms Wi-Fi N 2.4GHz, Wi-Di, Hotspot
Bluetooth 4.2
Micro-USB 2.0 OTGDual sim and microSD slot

This is one of the compromises. Wi-Fi N reached 72Mbps at 2 metres from our D-Link AC5300 router. However, it held rock solid out to 30m. It achieved 47/34Mbps download/upload from the internet on a 100/40Mbps NBN connection. This is nowhere near 867Mbps on Wi-Fi AC devices, but it is not bad.

Micro-USB 2.0 can transfer data at up to 60Mbps. It achieved 20Mbps (average) transferring a batch of photos from the phone to a PC.

OTG (on the go) worked with Windows 10 allowing Windows Explorer to access drive folders.

It has two sim slots and a separate microSD slot. The dual sims are 4G and 3G


Sound 3.5mm audio jack
Earpiece front-firing
FM radio
ANC dual mic
OK Google enabled

Ringer volume is 73dB – not as high as I would like. Voice (hands-free) and music are around 70dB – again not as high as I would like. It’s adequate.


Other Fingerprint sensor rear
GPS and e-compass (all)

The fingerprint sensor was OK most of the time. It was fast but not always accurate.


Battery 4,000 mAh battery
5V/2A charger

We tested over three days. On day one of heavy use, it went over 10 hours. On days two, three and four it managed to last 66 hours, e.g. no recharge needed for two days.

Using the supplied Quick Charge 1.0 – 5V/2A =10A a charge from 0-100% took just over six hours.

It does support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 which is 5V/3A, 9V/1.6A and 12V/1.2A. If you buy one of these chargers, you should get 60% in 30 minutes and a full charge in three hours.

Motorola claims it will play 720p movies for up to 15 hours. We ran a video loop at 50% screen brightness in aeroplane mode and managed 12.75 hours.


LTE  Cat 4 (150/75Mbps)
Bands 1/3/5/7/8/18/19/26/28/38/40/41

It supports all Australian Telco bands as well as many international bands.