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Camera quality is next, and on paper, the Motorola G for 2015 has no problem giving some of the stars of this year a run for their money, throwing in a 13 megapixel camera on the back with a 5 megapixel camera up front.

As a heads up, neither of these are particularly world class or market leading, so don’t expect a camera to rival a Galaxy S6 or iPhone in these models, as it just won’t happen. What you do get, however, is enough guts to let you get a decent shot online.


First we need to talk interface, because controlling the Motorola G is remarkably easy, with Motorola’s touch to fire the shot setup employed again. That’s all you really need to do here, with no camera button on the interface and a system that mostly focuses when you change aim.

There are some speed variations in the auto-focus, but mostly it’s relatively quick, though you may find the odd time where it doesn’t necessarily provide the sharpest focus around.

Motorola has also made the interface a little more in depth, ideal for those who might want to exert a little more control than let the phone decide how you should take photos. To get this, you merely need to swipe in from the left side where you’ll be given a control ring of options such as flash control, video modes, and HDR. Once these have been selected, it’s back to the touch-to-fire design, because that’s the main way Motorola’s camera works.

You can also get the camera to load up simply by shaking your wrist twice, which will interpret this gesture as a shortcut to switch the camera on, handy for some, no doubt.

Image from the Motorola G rear camera (HDR)

Image from the Motorola G rear camera (HDR)

Images out of the camera are certainly acceptable, and the 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front module definitely provide the numbers to make most people smile, though these aren’t the best cameras around.

Aside for the aforementioned odd auto-focus speed quibble, you may find at night and in low-light, the images are a touch soft, with little detail up close, as well as a fair amount of obvious noise.

Image from the Motorola G rear camera

Image from the Motorola G rear camera

Fortunately daylight is much better, with bright and colourful results that are relatively clear, ideal for any of the social networks you might be ready to upload the photos to.

There is one neat trick worth mentioning on the G, and it’s something only a handful of phones support: water resistance.