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You can, if you want to, drop the 2015 Moto G in a tank of water, and even take photos underwater using that 13 megapixel camera by touching the volume button.

That also means the phone will survive if you inadvertently drop a beer or a glass of wine on the phone, though it may look and smell a little worse for wear until you rinse it off under the tap.

Officially, Motorola rates the third generation G at IPX7 which roughly translates into “survivable of up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes”, a feature you’ll get to use if you’ve pressed the back completely on so that no liquid can get into the electronics.

Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go, and Motorola even checks with you in software to make sure you’re aware.


Does this mean you can take it into the pool or the ocean?

Kind of, but because the IP ratings companies test against are rated for freshwater and don’t take into account erosion from other elements such as chlorine or salt (seawater), if you do happen to take it swimming, make sure to wash it off under the tap when you’re done, as you wouldn’t want any of these extra elements breaking the ruggedised ports.

Even with this notice ahead of time, this little addition, makes the G even more worth the price of admission, simply because few phones get water resistance, and even Motorola’s other models including the more expensive X flagships (both of them) miss out.

We don’t know why, either; surely it would make sense to make the more pricey phones sport this technology, as that’s what competitors have done in the past, but Motorola seems content with offering it only on the mid-range G.



We started this review asking a pretty basic question about the Motorola G — does the third Moto G perfect the series? — and really, that question came down to one basic concept: is the third time the charm, so to speak.

But the Moto G has never really needed to worry about that question because it has always been pretty good, evident from Motorola’s recent observation that this range is the company’s most successful smartphone.

So the question we really need to answer is has Motorola made the G even better, and has it become the midrange model to beat, and the one to watch?


The answer to that is a clear resounding yes, because as good as the midrange models we’ve seen have been this year, the G represents solid value, even sporting a feature we wish more flagships offered.