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Seriously, why don’t more top tier phones arrive with water resistance? And why does it not appear on Motorola’s own flagships? How does that work that the model for less money gets a feature the others don’t?

We’re a little confused, but you shouldn’t be. Rather, if you’re already confused by the amount of choices out there in the smartphone world under the $400 mark, Motorola’s G can help you make your mind up in a flash. Recommended.

Solid value: Motorola's third-gen G reviewed
Price (RRP): $369 Manufacturer: Motorola
Feels great in the hand; Pretty good system performance; Excellent two day battery; High speeds possible from the Cat4 modem inside; Two SIM card slots; Upgradeable storage; Sports more water resistance than most flagship phones offer;
Screen is a little pixel-y; WiFi is occasionally glitchy; Camera could be a little better;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.3Overall Score
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